How We Can Work Together


Psychology Services

We collaborate to identify and understand the challenges you are facing, and to develop an effective treatment plan with specific goals and strategies.  This will enable you to overcome your present difficulties and to live your life in the manner you have been longing to.

Technology Addictions

Increasing numbers of individuals, especially children and adolescents, are engaged in problematic patterns of digital media use and technology addiction.  Like all addictions, technology addiction can seriously impact your health, well-being and daily functioning. 

Treatment is available to help you detox, increase awareness, establish healthy limits and maintain a balanced relationship with technology in our increasingly digital world.



In my role as a Coach, I will work to help you embrace your power, quiet your inner critic, and realize your full potential.  Coaching is focused on helping you access the creativity and vast resources you have within, and uses creative strategies and interventions to help you achieve the vision you have for yourself. 

Coaching is an optimal approach if you are feeling stuck in a specific area of your life, are seeking more purpose or direction, or believe you are not meeting your full potential and/or living the life you want.