Do You Or a Loved One Have a Technology Addiction?


Based on current research, here are some prompts to ponder if you are concerned about your technology use. These questions reflect some of the frequent feelings and behaviors that youth and adults alike experience as a result of their digital media use and screen time:

1.     Do you feel like you (or a loved one) are not in control of your digital media use?

2.     Are you a parent struggling to limit your child’s gaming, digital media use or screen time?

3.     Are technology habits negatively impacting your intimate relationship?

4.     Are you an adolescent feeling overwhelmed, anxious and stressed by social media and the need to have enough likes and followers?

5.     Do you get anxious when away from your phone? 

6.     Do you feel pressure to look a certain way and maintain a certain on-line persona?

7.     Do you feel like there you can’t disconnect?

8.     Are you experiencing any compulsive on-line behaviors that are upsetting to you such as gambling, shopping or pornography?

9.     Would you rather be playing video games than any other activity?

10.  Do you feel lonely and disconnected despite having an extensive social media network?

11.  Are you frequently distracted in the present moment by needing to check emails and notifications and by responding to texts and tweets?

12.  Do you have FOMO (fear of missing out)? 

Please continue reading on this page if any of the above resonates for you or a loved one and you are seeking more information, alternatives and/or support.